Land Development Consulting | Event Making | Community Progress

I work at and think about urban planning, bicycle event organizing, real estate development consulting, web technologies, design, social media marketing, open government, local and national politics, leadership, community building, and a little ham radio.

By day I perform site feasibility, development strategy, pre-purchase due diligence, and land use entitlements for commercial and institutional clients at Wallace Engineering.

My other gig is Gran Fondo Director at Saint Francis Tulsa Tough and co-founder of DAM J.A.M. Bicycle Tour. Since 1992 I’ve been contributing to healthy lifestyles and community economic development by creating bicycle events.

My bicycles are dear to me, but I’ve kind of ignored them the last couple years. I’m still a triathlete and ultrarunner at heart but these days, a good hard walk helps get my head right. I love my dogs and cats, and my wife, and my home. The order of those isn’t important. I love adventure and new things.

There are periods when I’m distracted by a desire to improve access and usability of land development regulations and processes in Tulsa. Citizens should have an easier time understanding land development issues that affect them and developers an easier time navigating the systems. Anyone looking at doing real estate development in Tulsa, should get a positive impression of a progressive, welcoming city.

There are a couple different handles I’ve used for a long time, both of which have special meaning to me and around which I’ve formed significant parts of my identity. “Road Painter”, because I’m the guy who marks the bicycle routes and shows people the way. “Landruler” which comes from an effort I started in 2002 to explore an idea to improve citizen access to land regulations and planning processes.

It seems I’m always attracted by the next interesting thing. I’ve never really been able to answer from my heart, the question, “what am I going to be when I grow up?”

Lately, I’ve run across a bunch of writing on this very concept. It turns out there are names for this like, “multipotentialite” or “scanner”. This discovery feels like a huge burden is being lifted! That’s the burden of trying to conform to societal expectations of what is a normal career path, or what is a normal work ethic, or what is the way normal mature people find and focus on their one true calling.

Fuck all that, I’ve never been really good at that and it’s always felt like there was something wrong with me. I’ve always been envious of those people who seemed to know where they were going and went there. Now, I’m finding out it’s not just me, its a lot of us, and it’s okay!

There’s not just one right way to work. There’s value in taking a scatter-shot approach. I’m learning that there are ways to capitalize on my varied interests and actually make meaningful contributions in multiple areas. More on that to come, I’m sure.